Oral Medicine & Radiology

Oral medicine involves diagnosis and management of orofacial structure and manifestations of systemic discases.

Our Vision

• Diagnosis and management of disorders of teeth and related tissues.
• Screening, diagnosis, earl management and counseling for tobacco related lesions.
• To impart quality education and clinical acumen to our undergraduate students.

Service Offered:

  • Intra oral periapical radiographs-IOPAR
    • Intra oral occlusal radiographs
    • Orthopantamographs-OPG
    • Lateral cephalogram
    • Hand wrist radiograph
    • Skull radiography
    • TENS therapy
    • Sialography


Special Services For Tobacco Users:

• Toludine blue staining
• Lugol’s iodine staining
• Incisional and punch biopsy
• Intra lesional injections for oral submucous fibrosis