Principals Message


It is my pride to give this message from principal’s table about our prestigious institution the KGF COLLEGE OF DENTAL SCIENCES & HOSPTIAL.

KGF College of Dental Sciences and Hospital has been a part of society for over 29 years. They have numerous educational institutions to their accreditation; Dental sciences were started with the vision to serve the local people and give them better access to dental health care. Through the course of time they became a teaching hospital to enable the local students to choose Bachelor of Dental Sciences as a career path. It’s the only dental college in the district and wanted to help the rural population of the country.

Our core values are quality education, affordable patient care and creating the future students of tomorrow. We believe in student centered education where we encourage students to excel in all field not limiting themselves to education, we encourage research in all related fields of dentistry. They are trained to perform well both nationally and globally. Our teaching staff have all accomplished well in their individual departments, presented papers at various conferences and given educational talks as well. We Boast of a highly qualified team of teachers who excel academically and professionally. The growth of the college should be accredited to both teaching, non- teaching and all the support staff in the college. Our approach fosters learning, life skills and professional enrichment in our students.

We started Sambhram institutions with the belief that healthcare should be made affordable to all sections of society. The main agenda to start a Dental Hospital and college are to ensure that people in the rural areas get both affordable healthcare and education. We provide good quality education coupled with good healthcare to the masses. We believe by doing so we have bridged the divide between affordability and healthcare.

The Journey so far has been great, when we see our students who do well professionally it makes us proud to have taught and nurtured such great minds. The road hasn’t been easy it has been challenging due to various ever-changing situations, demand and uncertainty.

However with changing times we have learnt to adapt and become better at what we do and strive harder to achieve our goals. The challenges have made us become stronger as an institution and grow to achieve more.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” Albert Einstein.